WELCOME TO Rusty's K9 Kitchen

Natural dog treats made with human grade ingredients

Natural Treats & Snacks Your Doggie Will Love!

WELCOME TO Rusty's K9 Kitchen

Keep Fido Fit

Natural Treats & Snacks Your Doggie Will Love!


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Thank you for visiting Rusty’s K9 Kitchen. Now, you don’t worry about where to buy natural dog treats. Rusty’s was started in 2023 with a vision to provide healthy, nutritious dog treats for your pet to enjoy. As the owners of four rescue dogs ourselves: Buddy, Atlas, Elmer, and Rusty, we knew we had to create baked goods that were not only healthy for our pups, but delicious as well. We believe that our pups are family to us and because they are family, we should feed them the best quality treats. People often search for organic dog treats and organic dog treats made in USA. Rusty’s K9 Kitchen is here to change the trend because we don’t use organic ingredients, but our home made naturally balanced dog treats will make your dogs fall in love with these treats while ensuring their good health as well

We realize that there are many choices of treats to choose from, unfortunately, many of them have preservatives, fillers, and are just not that tasty for dogs! At Rusty’s K9 Kitchen, we want to change that. We want our pups and yours to have pawsitively delicious treats with their health in mind too. That being said, we have taken the time to educate ourselves on the various types of human grade foods that dogs can eat and the nutritional value that each has, so that you can rest assured that your furrever friends are being given only healthy ingredients without additives or preservatives. We will continue to explore different recipes and bring in more choices for your furry loved ones. Not only that, we know how people type in dog bakery treats near me on Google all the time. Now, when you type that in on Google, you will find us and we will make sure we deliver healthy natural dog treats to you no matter where you are in the US. 

At Rusty’s k9 kitchen, we specialize in providing healthy and natural dog treats for your furry friends. Our kitchen was established in 2023 with an aim to serve treats with homemade ingredients.

Why choose us?

  • Our dog treats contain all the nutrients you need to keep your dogs healthy.
  • Our dog treats have zero preservatives and additives.
  • Our natural dog treats keep your furry friends healthy and active.
  • Our treats contain human grade ingredients.
  • We are the best dog bakery online.
  • We have completely home made dog treats for sale.

Here at Rusty’s K9 Kitchen, you can get the best treats for your dogs, made with homemade ingredients and love.

You Motivate Us

We receive excellent reviews and ratings, which inspire us to continue to improve in what we do. You may visit our gallery to purchase natural dog treats for your beloved pets

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Here’s How You Can Find The Best Dog Treats Bakery

Connect with us by placing an order through the website. We have an established online business where you can buy natural dog treats, just by www.rustysk9kitchen.com on your Google Search bar. Our goal is to serve pet families who are concerned about their dogs’ health and contentment because your pet’s well-being is our top priority.

Therefore, we use safe ingredients that do not contain preservatives and additives. Our mantra is: Keep your fido fit, which is why we focus on different recipes while never abandoning the healthy ingredients.

At Rusty’s K9 Kitchen, we deliver top-notch products to offer our buyers the best homemade dog treats for sale as well. We have multiple offers in our dog bakery.

Our Dog Treats are Not Only Healthy. They are Tasty too!

We make sure to fulfill your dog’s meal requirements with taste and nutrients. With our organic dog treats, keep your furry friends active and healthy.

Buy natural dog treats instead of wasting your time on making their meals. We know it’s not easy to come home from a hectic day and then make delicious meals for your furry friends. Let’s keep your dogs happy and contented with us and experience our top-notch products.

Feel free to reach out to us to find the best organic dog treats made in USA!