About Us


Get To Know About Us

Thank you for visiting Rusty’s K9 Kitchen. Rusty’s was started in 2023 with a vision to provide healthy, nutritious dog treats for your pet to enjoy. As the owners of four rescue dogs ourselves: Buddy, Atlas, Elmer, and Rusty, we knew we had to create baked goods that were not only healthy for our pups, but delicious as well. We believe that our pups are family to us and because they are family, we should feed them the best quality treats. 

We realize that there are many choices of treats to choose from, unfortunately, many of them have preservatives, fillers, and are just not that tasty for dogs! At Rusty’s K9 Kitchen, we want to change that. We want our pups and yours to have pawsitively delicious treats with their health in mind too. That being said, we have taken the time to educate ourselves on the various types of human grade foods that dogs can eat and the nutritional value that each has, so that you can rest assured that your furrever friends are being given only healthy ingredients without additives or preservatives. We will continue to explore different recipes and bring in more choices for your furry loved ones.  

Note that our treats are handmade in the USA using human grade ingredients and we bake our treats in small batches. 

Why small batch production?  

We produce our treats in small batches to preserve the integrity of the recipe. We do not want to compromise the taste of our treats in order to scale up to a larger run production. As many bakers know, after a certain size, the math and chemistry do not work together and the recipe suffers. At Rusty’s we won’t sacrifice taste or the health of your dogs for large run productions.

At Rusty’s K9 Kitchen, we will continuously strive to keep your pup’s health in mind and because of that, we will adhere to our motto “Keep Fido Fit!”